Logan Skateparks

Find a place to ride your scooter in Logan and Beaudesert. There are many skateparks spread out across the city. Some good, some not so good. If you follow the councils guide, you may be surprised as what gets classed as a place to ride. Lucky for you, ProScooter has visited and ridden all of the Logan Skateparks and we give you the real deal. From up to date photos to real info and reviews.

Beaudesert Skatepark

Beaudesert Skatepark round bowl

A popular spot to ride with locals, the Beaudesert Skatepark has a lot of transitions to get your flow on. Most elements are 4 foot and up so it’s not ideal for beginners. Beaudesert Skatepark ...

Bethania Skatepark

Lower section of Bethania Skatepark

There’s a bit of a mix at Bethania Skatepark. It has a lot of steep banks and some very low elements as well, so not sure who they built this for. Bethania Skatepark Elements This is a small ...

Browns Plains Skatepark

Browns Plains Skatepark

Browns Plains is a popular skatepark in Logan. After an extension, Browns Plains Skatepark has become one of the biggest in the area, and it has a little bit of everything. There’s pro scooter ...

Crestmead Skatepark

Get some serious air at Crestmead Skatepark

Crestmead Skatepark is a good size with lots to ride and plenty of different lines. There’s heaps of transitions including a few bowls and a halfpipe, as well as a lot of banks, boxes and street. ...

Eagleby Skatepark

Eagleby Skatepark quarter pipes

Eagleby Skatepark has an old school concrete flavour and is probably due for a makeover. If you’re planning a visit bring a broom, there’s stuff all over this place. Eagleby Skatepark Elements ...

Edens Landing Bowl

Edens Landing Bowl from above

According to the Logan Council, this is one of their many parks classed as a skate bowl. It’s hard to imagine what went through the designers mind when they built Edens Landing Bowl, but it is what ...

Greenbank Skatepark

Quarter pipe and roll-in at Greenbank Skatepark

Small Rhino Ramp Prefab setup on a concrete slab. The Greenbank Skatepark has a very basic layout, and unless you’re a local it’s probably not worth the trip. Greenbank Skatepark Elements On ...

Jimboomba Skatepark

Jimboomba Skatepark New Section

The Jimboomba Skatepark is pretty small, even after an upgrade. It has a few sections that cater to different styles, including transition and street. The new sections added smooth concrete and are ...

Logan Village Skatepark

Logan Village Skatepark

The Logan Village Skatepark is a bit out of the way if you’re not a local, but there some good lines through here. It’s a concrete park with a mix between transition and street. There’s stuff here ...

Loganholme Skatepark

Loganholme Skatepark Speed banks and rails

This is one seriously smooth and fast place to ride your Scooter. The Loganholme Skatepark has some great banks and transitions, as well as fast lines. If you’ve got style and flow you’ll love this ...

Marsden Bowl

View from the deck of Marsden Bowl

One for the beginners, Marsden Bowl is straight out of the 80’s and ready for Scooter Groms to learn flyouts on. What’s more it comes with its very own light, meaning you can roll here at night ...

Munruben Ramp

Checking the transitions at Munruben Ramp

Looking to breathe in some of that fresh country air whilst having a ramp all to yourself? The Munruben Ramp is in a quiet spot to the south of Greenbank. Munruben Mini Ramp Elements The only ...

Tamborine Village Skatepark

Tamborine Village Skatepark Funbox

Tamborine Village Skatepark is a small concrete street style setup. It is down the hill in a roadside park and not easy to spot from the road. Tamborine Village Skatepark Elements The skate ...

Underwood Park Skatepark

Underwood Skatepark Bowl Gap

Tucked away at the back of Rochedale is Underwood Park Skatepark. The park has a smooth surface and is fast. There’s different height quarters around starting at 2 foot. It’s good as you can get ...

Woodridge Skatepark

Pyramid and Rail at Woodridge Skatepark

If you’ve ever visited Woodridge Skatepark you’ll know it’s a good size but rough as guts. The bitumen flat is splitting and cracking leaving some sizeable gaps. The transitions aren’t smooth and ...

If you’ve ridden any of the parks in Logan, Beaudesert or the Scenic Rim, be sure to add your own thoughts. Let other riders know what’s good and what you want to avoid.

Logan has the Gold Coast to the south and Brisbane to the north. So you’re never far away from a huge line-up of scooter spots.

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