Crestmead Skatepark

Crestmead Skatepark is a good size with lots to ride and plenty of different lines. There’s heaps of transitions including a few bowls and a halfpipe, as well as a lot of banks, boxes and street.

Crestmead Skatepark Elements

The skate park starts off with a 5 foot concrete halfpipe with metal coping. The coping heads down to the ground on one side creating a hip out. On the other it joins to a larger 6 foot pyramid style banks with assorted hips. There’s a circular skate bowl that’s around 4 foot deep. This hips out as well as having different sized spines you can transfer over. One spine leads to a large flat bank, the other to the 3 foot bowl. It is a 3 sided bowl and is 3 foot deep with metal coping all round. A smaller spine from one side leads to a quarter pipe opposite. The platforms around the bowls are wide and large. There’s also a a large cutoff bank resting on top of the bowl.

Heading down from the platform there’s an 8 stair with a hubba on one side and a flat down handrail on the other. On the flatland there’s an assortment of launch pads, pyramids and fun boxes. One has a quarter leading to a landing pad with banks either side creating a wave ramp. Another has two different height tabletop launch pads with a full length rail, as well as diamond banks running off. A half pyramid sits on the side with just down rails either side. A wide curved quarter pipe with metal coping sits in the corner. It has a wide platform and a bank with down rail running off to one side.

What’s Around

This is a big park with plenty to offer. There’s a PCYC, dog park, a cool playground, basketball court, amenities and plenty of space. There’s heaps of car parks. A shop is sometimes open on site. Buses run from just up the street.


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