Underwood Park Skatepark

Tucked away at the back of Rochedale is Underwood Park Skatepark. The park has a smooth surface and is fast. There’s different height quarters around starting at 2 foot. It’s good as you can get your tricks down before taking them to the big bowl.

Underwood Park Skatepark Elements

There is a double bowl here with a roll through, spine and bank wall. One side is around 6 foot, the other 5 foot. These have a rectangular shape with rounded corners. The bank is a foot higher again and forms a ledge. The platforms are large around the bowl. A few hubbas and euro gap head from the bowls down to the next section. There’s also banks with hips and euro. Opposite the banks are a run of quarter pipes and roll ins. They start around a foot high and the largest about 5 foot. The lower section is curved and transitions down.

There’s a small street section with a grind box, rail and small quarter. On the other side there’s a 3 foot roll in leading to a 4 foot quarter with a small platform.

What’s Around

Underwood Park  is a large community style park with heaps of sporting fields, a BMX track, playgrounds, BBQ’s, walking tracks and more. The car park on the right as you first enter the precinct is the one for the skatepark. The skate park is tucked away at the back behind the BMX track. It has it’s own chairs, shelter and bins but not much else. If none of the sports canteens are open, the nearest shops are a 500m scoot up the road. You can get here by bus as there’s a stop nearby.


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