Loganholme Skatepark

This is one seriously smooth and fast place to ride your Scooter. The Loganholme Skatepark has some great banks and transitions, as well as fast lines. If you’ve got style and flow you’ll love this place.

Loganholme Skatepark Elements

On entering Tudor Park you are met a series of banks and different height quarters in a halfpipe layout. The concrete here is so smooth and it’s easy to gain speed, but it can be slippery. The quarter pipes have metal coping and one is curved on entry. Turning to the left there is a keyhole bowl. It’s around 4 foot in height and raises to 5 foot around the back of the keyhole.On the other side it transitions into banks and hips out. The upper and third section of the park is a new school street section. Quarter pipes and banks flowing down to a flat down rail and a ledge that raises as the ground drops. The sides are one continuous bank, so this section flows nicely down towards the transitions with heaps of lines available.

All the platforms here are wide and there’s plenty of ledge seats to hit up as well.

What’s Around

There’s a car park and drinking fountain (rather cool looking one). In other areas of Tudor Park there’s also a playground and a basketball hoop. Buses stop on the street, but the nearest shops are a good distance away as far as I know.


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