Munruben Ramp

Looking to breathe in some of that fresh country air whilst having a ramp all to yourself? The Munruben Ramp is in a quiet spot to the south of Greenbank.

Munruben Mini Ramp Elements

The only thing you’ll find worth riding your scooter on at Munruben is the mini ramp. There’s no other elements around as it’s surrounded by dirt, grass and trees.

The ramp itself is metal and stands at 4 foot high. There are 5 foot extensions opposite each other that are around 3 foot wide. The ramp has 8 foot of flat and is around 12 feet wide. It has metal coping all round and small platforms.

The ramp sits underneath a number of large trees so it’s handy if you have something to sweep up with.

What’s Around

The Ramp is at the back of the open section in Wearing Park. Parking is by the road side. The park also contains a basketball hoop, seats and shelter, playground, water and a BBQ.


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