Edens Landing Bowl

According to the Logan Council, this is one of their many parks classed as a skate bowl. It’s hard to imagine what went through the designers mind when they built Edens Landing Bowl, but it is what it is. So let’s take a look.

Edens Landing Bowl Elements

It’s a concrete bowl cut into the side of the hill. But it’s more of a dish than a bowl, as it has no lip. There’s rounded edges all the way around. And there’s also not much in the way of a transition, it’s more one continuous bank. There’s not much in the way of a deck either. If you did a flyout, you’d be on the grass for sure, and most likely heading off down a dirt hill. The deep end sits at around 2-3 foot and the shallow around 1 foot.

When we were there last it had a DIY brick ledge in the shallow. There’s also a lot of sand and debris built up in the shallow end, so you may need a shovel as well as a broom here.

If you’re really keen you could try extending the bowl, but you’d want to pick your spot carefully as there’s a few trees around.

What’s Around

The bowl is up on the hill at a larger community style park. There’s seats and shelters as well as a playground. Parking is on the street at the end of Lindau St or Chatfield St.


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