Ipswich Skateparks

Ipswich sits to the west of Brisbane and covers a wide area. We’ve also added a few from the Somerset and Lockyer Valley regions underneath Ipswich Skateparks.

Carole Park Skatepark

Street Elements at Carole Park Skatepark

There isn’t much at Carole Park Skatepark, but the locals make the most of it. Their own extensions make flyouts possible and it’s easy to grab the speed. Carole Park Skatepark Elements ...

Brassall Skatepark

Checking out the roll-in at Brassall Skatepark

If you arrive via Workshops St, you’d think this was setup for only the smallest kids. At Brassall Skatepark you first see the smallest dish, then a small bowl. Luckily there are a few other things ...

Bundamba Skatepark

Bundamba Skatepark Pyramid with rail

This is a good sized park with some smooth lines and fun elements. Bundamba Skatepark is spaced out and has lots of small to medium sized obstacles with nothing overly large. Bundamba Skatepark ...

Collingwood Park Skatepark

Down rail and bank at Collingwood Park Skate Park

This is a fun spot to ride scooters with a range of different elements from transition through to street. The Collingwood Park Skatepark has a large new section alongside an 80’s bowl. ...

Gailes Bowl

Angled view of Gailes Bowl

This is one of those old school 80's style mini bowls that still litter the south east. Gailes Bowl is good for beginners to practice riding on, but beyond that not worth visiting. Gailes Bowl ...

Forest Hill Skatepark

Hubba, euro gap and bank at Forest Hill Skate Park

This is a small setup with a combination between street and transition. The Forest Hill Skatepark has nothing large in size so it’s good for beginners, but still a bit of fun for those more ...

Gatton Skatepark

On the deck looking over Gatton Skate Park

This has to be one of the cleanest looking skate parks I’ve ever seen. A fresh coat of paint the day before will give that impression though. Even the rails were painted! Gatton Skatepark has a ...

Goodna Skatepark

Halfpipe at Goodna Skate Park

Goodna Skatepark has a number of prefab ramps on a concrete slab as well as some street. You’ll find it in Leslie Park just over the other side of the small creek. Goodna Skatepark Elements It ...

Ipswich Central Skatepark

Looking over Ipswich Central Skate Park

For a skate park near the heart of a city, this is pretty ordinary. Ipswich Central Skatepark is fairly small, but does try and mix up the elements between transition and street. Ipswich Central ...

Kensington Grove Skatepark

Looking from the deck at Kensington Grove Skate Park

If you’re into bowls and transitions then you’ll enjoy it out here. Kensington Grove Skatepark has skipped the standard out this way and gone for something a little different. Kensington Grove ...

Marburg Skatepark

Marburg Skate Park Half Pipe

Small concrete park with a fairly standard layout. The Marburg Skatepark is a mix between banks, transitions and street. Marburg Skatepark Elements Rolling in from the street there’s a flat ...

Redbank Plains Skatepark

Looking over Redbank Skate Park from platform

Older style skate park that has the bowl filled in. Considering the big bucks councils in surrounding cities are spending to build bowls, this seems like a complete waste. Luckily they left the rest ...

Rosewood Skatepark

Pyramid Launch at Rosewood Skate Park

This is a good sized skate park considering the location. The Rosewood Skatepark has a lot to offer with plenty of hips, banks and transitions. Rosewood Skatepark Elements The park starts ...

Springfield Skatepark

Springfield Skate Park Fun Box

The Springfield Skatepark is medium in size with a neat setup for scooters. There's both a bowl and half pipe as well as a good street section. Springfield Skatepark Elements At the back of ...

Walloon Skatepark

Walloon Skate Park

This is not what you’d expect from a skate park, but sure enough the Bicentennial signs say it is. The Walloon Skatpark is one for the little kids just starting out riding scooters. Walloon Skate ...

About Ipswich Skateparks

There’s a few skate parks in the area that have gone the way of the dodo. The council have filled in the bowls, which is strange. Considering how many councils are spending big on skate parks at the moment this is certain to be a decision that Ipswich would be regretting.

There are some good skate parks in Ipswich and surrounds such as Springfield. Most are in the older range though and could use a few upgrades.

The closest regions to Ipswich are Logan/Beaudesert to the south, Brisbane to the east and Toowoomba to the west. All three regions have some excellent scooter spots on offer and are well worth visiting. If you’re up for a great trip try the Gold Coast.

We had a blast shredding Ipswich and the local area. Definitely a few worth visiting again.

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