Looking for a place to ride your Scooter? There’s plenty of skate parks and scooter spots around the country. And whilst many riders know a few locals, what happens when we go on holidays? Or want to have a crack at something new? That is where the ProScooter Near Me Map comes in handy.

The Map zooms in on your location, and gives you places to ride within a 20km radius. If you want to expand it a little further, or a little less, use the arrows to zoom in or out.

The points marked on the map are Scooter Spots. Click one and it’ll give you more info about the place. Click the link in the box and it’ll open up a page with all the details. There’s photos, reviews, up to date info and more.

You can also check out local shops, comps and events. Right across Australia.

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Comps & Events

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