Scooter Tricktionary

We’ve lined up all of the best how to’s and tricks and added them to our Freestyle Scooter Tricktionary. It’s the place where you can come and find a quick reference for both basics and advanced scooter tricks. You can also check out the apps section as there’s some great ones that give you a ton of info on tricks. Plenty of videos, photos, step by step instructions.

How to Bri Flip on a Scooter

How to Bri Flip on a Scooter

One of the keys with Bri Flips is having the time to make the entire rotation. Starting off on the flat seems like a good place to learn, but you’ll need to bunny hop high and spin fast. For more ...

How to Tailwhip a Scooter

How to Tailwhip

All day every day, there’s kids on scooters trying tailwhips at skate parks all across Australia. Most can spin the scooter around, most don’t land. As one of the basics you need as a freestyle ...

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