About ProScooter

ProScooter is everything Scooters in Australia.

Where to Ride, what’s on, what’s fresh and more. If it’s about freestyle scootering, it has a place at ProScooter.

We are everything Freestyle Scooters.

The website is updated regularly with all the latest events, news, videos and photos. We cover everything from shops to riders.

We are independent and free. There are no affiliations and nothing to sell. ProScooter is all about the riding and nothing else.


There is a lot of freestyle Scooter info on the web and social media. If you search long and hard, eventually you’ll find what you’re after. But this is where ProScooter is different. It’s All in one. You can find what you need quickly, whether you’re on a desktop or your phone.

This is the first Australian Freestyle Scootering website that covers everything.


ProScooter is the original mash up Freestyle Scooter Events Calendar. Find events of all types by different organisers right across Australia. If you want to find events near you, there’s the events map. Simples.


The Australia-wide Scooter Shops map lets you see shops in your area. Or browse through and check out the online stores that’ll ship to your location.


There are skate park sites online and many of us have used them. But what do Scooter Riders think of a park? Is it good for scooters? We’ve added reviews for scooter riders by scooter riders.


There are so many workshops and camps taking place right across the country. Catering for beginners right through to advanced one-on-one lessons by Pros. Again ProScooter brings them together so you can check them out easily and see what’s near you.


If you follow every brand, every shop, you’ll see what’s fresh and new on the scene. But if you follow ProScooter you’ll get all of the latest drops from all scooter brands in the one spot. What’s more we’ve added price comparisons, reviews and heaps of info to keep you up to date and informed.


News, articles, videos, photos and more. Daily drops of what’s going on in freestyle scootering.


Looking for info? Fun? Find out about apps & games, associations and more.

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