Gold Coast Skateparks

The GC is Ground Zero when it comes to riding Scooters. There’s heaps of places to ride and heaps of riders. The council is also one of the front runners in the country when it comes to building Gold Coast Skateparks.

Level Up Skatepark

Looking across Level Up Skatepark

Level Up Skatepark has recently moved from Arundel to a new home in Currumbin. The new park takes all the best features of the old one but adds more flow. This has just about everything you could ...

Arundel Mini Ramp

Looking down over Arundel Mini Ramp

Smooth concrete mini with extensions and a bank. Arundel Mini Ramp is located on the side of Olsen Ave in Arundel. Arundel Skatepark Elements There is a mini concrete halfpipe standing at 4 ...

Canungra Skatepark

Canungra Skatepark Pyramid

Hidden away, down a hill, at the back of a Football field is where Canungra Skatepark can be found. There’s not much here and it’s very much old school. Canungra Skatepark Elements The park is ...

Coolangatta Skatepark

Coolangatta Skatepark Ledges

Small street setup just back from the main strip at Cooly. The Coolangatta Skatepark is different to most on the GC. It has very little in the way of transitions and no big elements. You won't find ...

Elanora Skatepark

Elanora Skatepark Full Pipe from corner

Definitely not your average bowl. Elanora Skatepark is iconic having the first ever full pipe in Australia. Having lights, you can ride here day and night. This is a large bowl and suits experienced ...

Helensvale Skatepark

Looking across Helensvale Skatepark

The Helensvale Skatepark is popular with Scooter Riders, especially outside of school hours. The surface is a bit rough, and the transitions mild, so it keeps the skateboarders away. But it’s ok to ...

Jacobs Well Skatepark

Prefab combo box at Jacobs Well Skate Park

A few small prefab metal ramps on a concrete slab make up Jacobs Well Skatepark. It is setup with a street design of banks and quarters leading into a combo box and rails. Jacobs Well Skatepark ...

Labrador Halfpipe

Keith Hunt Park Half Pipe at Labrador

This old concrete beast has been around since the dawn of time. Well maybe not that long, but you get the picture. The Labrador Halfpipe is like nothing else you’ll find on the GC. It has no flat at ...

Mudgeeraba Skatepark

Looking over Mudgeeraba Skatepark

Not far off the highway, Mudgeeraba Skatepark offers up a range of small elements. With nothing over 3ft, you’ll find plenty of the younger crowd here outside of school hours. Mudgeeraba ...

Nerang Skatepark

Nerang Bowl

Popular spot to ride right next to the M1 on the Gold Coast. Nerang Skatepark has lights, so there’s people there day and night. It’s a good size park with a mix of street and transition. The bowls ...

Ormeau Skatepark

Ormeau Skatepark Bowl

Ormeau Skatepark is a new style park with lots of smooth concrete, street elements and smaller style transitions. It has lights on till 10pm so it’s a good place for a roll after hours. This place ...

Oxenford Skate Ramp

Oxenford Skate Ramp

Oxenford Skate Ramp is just down the road from the Pacific Pines Skate Park. Unlike its neighbour you’d be lucky to find more than 5 people riding here at any one time. Oxenford Skate Ramp ...

Pacific Pines Skatepark

Looking out from half pipe at Pacific Pines Skatepark

If you’ve ever been to Pacific Pines Skatepark you’ll know this place is popular. There’s at least 10 times the number of scooter riders than there are BMX or Skateboards. It’s good fun too, with a ...

Palm Beach Skatepark

Side view of Palm Beach Skatepark

The ramp at Palmy has been around for many years. The Palm Beach Skatepark is a standalone concrete half pipe hidden away down the side of a soccer field. Palm Beach SkatepPark Elements ...

Pimpama Skatepark

Side view of Pimpama Skate Park

Pimpama skatepark is a standalone spine ramp. As it is just the halfpipe by itself, it doesn’t attract the crowds those nearby do. Pimpama Skatepark Elements The Pimpama spine ramp is two ...

We’ve visited them all, each and every scooter spot on the GC. And we’ve added all their details with plenty of fresh up to date photos, maps and more. Took the time to have a roll as well checking out the smoothness and what fun each had to offer up.

Now there’s plenty of sites covering spots on the Gold Coast. But this is different, it’s for scooter riders only. You can review a skate park and read reviews of the skate parks. All from the view of riding scooters.

Have you checked out he new indoor skatepark on the Gold Coast yet? Skate All Day is at Currumbin and it’s an awesome spot to ride. We’ll do a writeup on it soon but check it our for yourself if you get the chance.

If you want a quick overview, have a read of our Best Skate Parks on the Gold Coast for Scooters.

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