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Looking for a direct link in to the area of your choosing? Find a local skatepark with the Australian Scooter Spots index. Sorted by state and listed alphabetically, it’s easy to find the region you’re looking for.

We have comprehensive coverage of the south east QLD and northern NSW regions. Each skatepark has been visited and shredded within the last year. That means fresh photos, fresh info and nothing stale.

We cater to the scooter rider first and foremost, that means you don’t have to put up with the anti-scooter brigade thrashing their mouths off here. We also consider language, and go out of our way to ensure it’s age appropriate and suitable for all.

There are plenty more safaris to other regions planned in the near future. In the meantime, you can help us and other scooter riders. You can add your local skatepark to ProScooter and we’ll fill in the gaps.

We also welcome reviews from riders. There’s not much point hearing about what a park is like on 4 wheels, when you’re only riding 2. Take Helensvale for example, it’s prime real estate for scooter riders. Some of the countries finest shred there. Yet skateboarders think it’s a joke. Reading their reviews would put you off, but a scooter riders thoughts, well that makes sense.

If you’re done browsing, don’t forget the skate park map. It’ll show you what scooter spots are around no matter where you are.

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