Sydney Skateparks

Sydney has some great places to ride your scooter. From large indoor parks to council built bowls and skate parks, there’s something in Sydney for every Rider.

Being such a large city there’s heaps of parks. It’s also the home of the national titles for the past few years. Spoilt for choice with private indoor skate parks, there’s always a place to ride when it’s raining outside.

We have plans to visit Sydney Scooter Spots in the near future and session all the skate parks, take photos and do write-ups. In the meantime we bring you some of the more popular ones. Those that you’ll find in use for ASA comps and other scooter competitions and workshops. If you’re from the region be sure to add parks and give other riders a leg up. If you’ve ridden any of those listed be sure to add a review.

Korrupt Indoor Skatepark

Permanently Closed

Private skatepark located in the western suburbs of Sydney. The Korrupt Indoor Skatepark setup to cater for Scooters and Skateboards and the odd BMX session. Korrupt Indoor Skatepark Elements ...

St Helens Park Skatepark

St Helens Skatepark curved quarter and ledges

St Helens Park Skatepark is a fairly new and fun setup for scooter riders. It is done with a modern style and fast smooth concrete. St Helens Park Skatepark Elements The layout is triangular ...

Warehouse 11

Looking over Warehouse 11 Skatepark

Warehouse 11 is a large indoor action sports centre in northern Sydney. It has a large skatepark catering to Scooters, BMX and Skateboards, as well as a Ninja Gym and a Café. Warehouse 11 ...

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