Canberra Skateparks

The capital has its fair share of skate parks and places to ride your scooter. Now with an indoor park things are looking even better. 5 public Canberra skate parks have lights on till 10pm, meaning you can skate day and night.

In total there’s 7 major skate parks, 1 private, and a bunch of others with scooter and skate facilities.

If you’re in Canberra or have ridden these spots, be sure to add your thoughts. It’s handy to know what other scooter riders think so you can shred the best skate parks.

The Bank Indoor Skatepark

Looking across The Bank Indoor Skatepark

The Bank Indoor Skatepark is a new indoor place to shred in our nations capital. Opened in March 2018, it provides a spot to ride your scooter even when it’s raining. The Bank takes a different ...

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