The Bank Indoor Skatepark

The Bank Indoor Skatepark is a new indoor place to shred in our nations capital. Opened in March 2018, it provides a spot to ride your scooter even when it’s raining. The Bank takes a different approach to most and splits up ages groups and elements to provide as safe as possible environment for all.

The Bank Indoor Skatepark Elements

On one side of the skate park there’s a few flat banks. One wide and small, the other a bit higher. Both have fairly small platforms. In the centre of the park there’s a few different obstacles. One is a low cutoff pyramid with a small full length flat down hubba. Next to that there’s a combo box with tabletop launch pad, full length hubba, wave ramp with bank one side quarter the other, and a small manual pad. On the other side of this section there’s a series of flat banks and quarter pipes. The highest stand around 5ft and the rest around 3 foot.

There’s also a mini skate park setup behind the rest. It has some very low kickers and tabletops and is designed for small kids.

What’s Around

There is a shop on site offering drinks and snacks. There are also shops nearby and buses a short ride away.

* Photos courtesy of The Bank Indoor Skatepark


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