Logan Village Skatepark

The Logan Village Skatepark is a bit out of the way if you’re not a local, but there some good lines through here. It’s a concrete park with a mix between transition and street. There’s stuff here for both beginners and advanced riders.

Logan Village Skatepark Elements

Different levels, different heights, different transitions. The park starts off with a 3 sided mini bowl with metal coping. The platforms around the bowl are wide and usable. On both sides and the base of the bowl there are banks, with the sides having down rails as well. The banks are good for speed to hit the fun box or spine in the centre of the park. The flatland also drops off through here providing another bank.

At the back of the skatepark there’s the big bowl. It’s a 3 sided bowl offering different heights and a curved back. It’s about 6 or 7 feet at its peak. There’s metal coping all round and good sized platforms. These also drop off as the bowl height does creating banks. There’s a few rails and ledges around the top section as well. The bowl hips out either side, one rounded and one squared. On one side it’s a flat bank and the other a quarter pipe.

What’s Around

There’s a shade sail and seating at the entrance to the park. There’s also drinking water. In front there’s a car park and park lands next to it. In the park lands you’ll find a playground, shelters, seats and more. The nearest shops are close, just back on the main Rd.


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