Beaudesert Skatepark

A popular spot to ride with locals, the Beaudesert Skatepark has a lot of transitions to get your flow on. Most elements are 4 foot and up so it’s not ideal for beginners.

Beaudesert Skatepark Elements

The original concrete ramp cut out into the hill still stands. It’s one continuous half pipe with three different height sections. It starts off around 3 1/3 foot and has no coping. The next section tapers up to 5 foot with coping. The tallest section is around 6 1/2 feet with coping. There’s around 8 foot of flat and the decks here are wide, although there is a big crack running through both sides.

In the new section there a couple of bowls joined back to back by a spine. The first is a three sided square bowl with rounded corners. It’s 5 foot tall with metal coping all round and lips out. A euro gap style ledge sits just back on the deck and a roll in cuts in beneath it. The second bowl is round in shape and also has metal coping. This bowl opens out to the flatland and has lips out both sides.

There are a few standalone elements such as the 4ft wide quarter with a ledge topping one side. This has metal coping. Centre edge there’s a pyramid with quarter pipes two sides (one hipped) and a bank the other. A bit of rubber matting would bring the fourth side which is a grass hill into play. Another hipped bank drops from the path running from the old section to the new.

What’s Around

It’s not easy to spot the skatepark. You need to enter Jubilee Park, which has limited car spaces, and walk the rest. You’re probably best parking on the road and walking in. Follow the road around until it ends, then head past the playground. It’s on the left. The park itself has all the facilities including water, amenities, seats and shelters, BBQs and more.


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