Bethania Skatepark

There’s a bit of a mix at Bethania Skatepark. It has a lot of steep banks and some very low elements as well, so not sure who they built this for.

Bethania Skatepark Elements

This is a small rectangular park cut into a hill slope. It has a bank that runs around three sides of the park with a back wall that stands around 5 foot. The sides run down to ground level at the far ends. The banks are steep with a tight lip on top and a small transition at the base. A mini quarter pipe with metal coping steps out of the corner on one of the banks. In the opposite corners of the park there are two 3 sided banks. These are steep and tight with a mini deck on top.

On the flatland in the middle there is a wide 1 foot tall pyramid. There’s also a long 1 foot three sided half pyramid on the end between the corner banks.

What’s Around

There isn’t much around the skatepark itself as it’s all the way down near the boat ramp. Car parks are available on the street sides but it’s a bit of a ride to the nearest bus stops. Just up the road there are bigger parks that have more facilities including a dog park, shelter and BBQ, playground and a basketball court.


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