Greenbank Skatepark

Small Rhino Ramp Prefab setup on a concrete slab. The Greenbank Skatepark has a very basic layout, and unless you’re a local it’s probably not worth the trip.

Greenbank Skatepark Elements

On one side of the park there’s a 5 foot flat bank next to a 5 foot quarter pipe. There’s a deck on top and this is designed for speed. In the centre of the park is a combo box. This has a full length hubba, wedge ramp, and a tabletop launch pad. One side of the launch pad is transitioned, the other side flat. The spine ramp has dual metal coping. On the other side of the skate park there’s a wider quarter pipe and a roll-in. The Roll-in juts out from the quarter on the side. There’s a platform joining the two. There’s also a flat rail.

What’s Around

There’s car parks available on the street and in the sports complex next door. There’s shops just across the road. Next to the park you’ll find seats and a shelter, drinking water, playground and fitness equipment. There is also surveillance cameras here.


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