Browns Plains Skatepark

Browns Plains is a popular skatepark in Logan. After an extension, Browns Plains Skatepark has become one of the biggest in the area, and it has a little bit of everything. There’s pro scooter riders shredding here all day every day and as a bonus it has lights for a night scoot.


Browns Plains covers the entire range of obstacles no matter what your style. Everything from street to transitions, vert walls and huge platforms for flyouts. The extension has added a half pipe that’s big on one side and mid range on the other. A large table comes off the smaller side before dropping back in to another quarter and wave ramp. It’s fast and smooth so you get a lot of speed through here.  There’s hips, banks and quarters everywhere. All different sizes, all different transitions. Some spines run down to ground level so you can work your way up.

There’s a lot of 3 sided bowls. They start off small and work their way up to mid size. Some have metal coping and others rounded concrete. The pyramid style fun box in the middle of the park is crazy. It has so many banks and quarters creating heaps of hips and angles and a flat deck on top. The flat land around it transitions down a bank as well. You can spend a long time shredding just the box. There’s also a bunch of rails, ledges and stairs. You can even grind the seats. Down at the base of the skatepark is the old vert wall for wall rides and big airs.


Browns Plains Skatepark is tucked away in a valley off the road. It’s downhill from the BMX club car park. There’s a bus stop on the road near the skatepark.

The park has lights, so you can ride here till 10pm at night. There’s also drinking water, seats and shade. Up on the other side of the hill is a BMX track and a pump track for those that like to go fast.


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