Woodridge Skatepark

If you’ve ever visited Woodridge Skatepark you’ll know it’s a good size but rough as guts. The bitumen flat is splitting and cracking leaving some sizeable gaps. The transitions aren’t smooth and there’s a lot of open space. On the plus side there’s some fun to be had with a few good elements.

Woodridge Skatepark Elements

The 3 sided bowl stands at 7ft in the deep. It has metal coping and the surface is rough and slow. It’s an older style bowl and the transition is tight. As it’s under the trees and the stadium style seating it can gather a lot of rubbish and branches in the base. The bowl drops down to a smaller mini ramp with flat banks either side. One has a rail heading down to the flat. The flat is bitumen and cracked in a few spots. There’s a few long grind boxes of different heights. In the middle you’ll find a 3ft pyramid with a flat down rail. There’s a few volcano/pyramid style elements with different hips, andles and a spine. Around the outside you’ll find a few curved quarters of varying heights with metal coping. There’s also a large double pyramid at the back corner.

What’s Around

This park is setup to handle a lot of people. There’s plenty of wood and rock seating around, most of which is raised so you can see the whole park. It’s just off Kingston Rd and there’s off street parking available. Buses stop in front and across the road.


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