Marsden Bowl

One for the beginners, Marsden Bowl is straight out of the 80’s and ready for Scooter Groms to learn flyouts on. What’s more it comes with its very own light, meaning you can roll here at night time.

Marsden Bowl Elements

It’s a traditional eighties bowl with three sides and a fair bit of flatland. There’s no coping and the lip has been worn away over the years leaving it rounded. It’s about 2 foot all round and tapers off on the sides at the end. The deck is fairly wide for something of this nature and it’s surrounded by a grassy hill.

All up it’s a good spot for beginner scooter riders to try small banks and flyouts on. There’s not much here for the more experienced though so you’d probably be best taking the short trip to Crestmead Skate Park.

What’s Around

Parking is on the street side. Buses stop just up the road on Pauline and Homestead streets. The skate park is surrounded by a larger park with more for the little ones. There’s a push train, playground, seats and a basketball hoop.


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