Eagleby Skatepark

Eagleby Skatepark has an old school concrete flavour and is probably due for a makeover. If you’re planning a visit bring a broom, there’s stuff all over this place.

Eagleby Skatepark Elements

Medium sized rectangular park with plenty of banks and transitions. Three sides are form an endless line of different height and angled banks and quarter pipes. Included in the line is a three sided bowl that’s around 6 foot in height. It has metal coping and hips out to banks either side. All the other banks and transitions range from 3 foot in height to 6 foot. Some have coping and others do not. The decks are large around here so flyouts are good from most angles.

In the centre of the flatland there’s a cutoff pyramid with a flat down rail. It’s wide enough that you can use either side of the rail as a tabletop launch pad and the hips are options as well. To the side there’s a tall and wide manual pad with a grind box on top.

What’s Around

There’s a small car park here and street parking is also an option. There’s plenty of shade and seats as well as a basketball hoop and a playground. Buses stop a short ride up the road, and if you head over to Beenleigh there’s plenty on offer including the train.


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