Tugun Skate Park Boyd St, Tugun QLD 4224, Australia

You’ll find Tugun Skate Park at the northern end of the airport. It has both old and new sections with an upgrade being completed in 2015. The older sections are a bit rougher and you can sometimes get the area to yourself. The newer sections are smooth, fast and fun.

Tugun Skate Park Elements

The skatepark is spread out over a wide area. In the older section there’s a lot of banks, quarter pipes, half pipes and pyramids. There’s a lot of different lines through here with heaps of hips and launch boxes. There’s nothing over 6 foot. The flatland is a bit rough is places. There’s metal coping on most transitions aside from the half pipes.

In the new section you’ll find a pool bowl, complete with steps and tiles. This heads down a large bank with a fat rainbow rail stuck flat in the middle. Use the bank to pick up speed for the hubbas, flat down rails and stairs.

At the turn there’s a curved wave quarter pipe that leads into banks with a grind box top. These are opposite banks with a hip. There’s a street section on the flat with different style manual pads, ledges and rails. Some have cutouts, others change height. At the end there’s a large quarter with roll ins either side.

What’s Around

Tugun skate park sits by itself surrounded by open space and a dog park. It’s pretty close to the gold coast highway though so you can get places quickly. There nearest shops are a fair scoot away but there is a bus stop close by. There are toilets and drinking water at the park. There’s also plenty of seats and shade.

Category : Gold Coast
Type : Public Skate Park
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