Pacific Pines Skate Park Corner of Brockman Way & Pitcairn Way, Pacific Pines QLD 4211, Australia

If you’ve ever been to Pacific Pines Skate Park you’ll know this place is popular. There’s at least 10 times the number of scooter riders than there are BMX or Skateboards. It’s good fun too, with a number of spots for learning new flyouts.


It has some large banks for speed and a mini half pipe with chunky coping. There’s heaps of hips on the banks and pyramid with a channel in the middle of the flat land. Some of the banks have euro gaps and the tables have a lot of ledges and grind spots. There’s some long wide stairs and a grind rail as well. If you’re feeling adventurous you can try jumping the channel and boosting out of the medium quarter pipe. The entire skatepark is concrete and a lot of the edges are metal lined.

There is nothing really tech here so it does attract a lot of beginners and little kids. It also gets crazy busy at times and can stop your flow. There’s always parents around keeping an eye on things.


There’s a shelter with seats next to a tap, but you can’t see any scooter action from it. Best spot to park is on the large rocks around the platforms. You can see most of the park from them and it’s out of the way.

Around the skatepark there’s a basketball court, fitness bars and soccer fields. Nearest shops are about 1km away.

They’ve just installed 24/7 surveillance cameras overlooking the park. It has no lights but the soccer field lights the place up a bit at night.

A lot of scooter riders that go here are locals or use the bus service. There’s a few stops nearby heading to Helensvale and Southport.


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  • Sandy says : Details
    May 13, 2018 at 11:33 am

    The kids love it here. Good for us parents too as there's plenty of places to watch from.

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