Nerang Skate Park Ferry St, Nerang QLD 4211, Australia

Popular spot to ride right next to the M1 on the Gold Coast. Nerang Skate Park has lights, so there’s people there day and night. It’s a good size park with a mix of street and transition. The bowls range from around 5ft to 6ft and attract a lot of hardcore skaters and BMX Riders. The park suits experienced riders and is not ideal for beginners.

Nerang Skate Park Elements

There are a few bowls at Nerang. One an old school pool style bowl with pool coping. It has both shallow and deep, with the shallow being a very tight transition. The second bowl is shaped as an open U. It starts with a 5ft halfpipe and snakes around to a cradle, extension and keyhole transition. A wide spine of around 2ft means you can transfer into the next section if you have the skill. This bowl has metal coping all round as well, as a euro gap which doubles as a plant box for scooter riders. There are some good hips and lines through here and you can get some big air.

The street section stretches throughout the park. It has heaps of rails, grind boxes, manual pads, banks, hubbas and more. Heaps of different angles, different heights. Some of the more popular elements are the banks leading to hips. There’s both a backside and a front side hip on the sides of 3-4ft pyramids. Hit these at speed and you will grab some nice air. There’s a second street section just off towards the road with a few rails, hubbas and banks.

What’s Around

There’s a large area surround the skatepark, with plenty of seats, shade, car parks, boat ramp, river and a playground. There are amenities here as well. Shops in both directions are about 150m away. It’s close to the highway and a short ride to the train station.

Category : Gold Coast
Type : Public Skate Park
Condition : Lights
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