ISA Scooter World Finals 2017

ISA Scooter World Finals 2017

Another year, another ISA world finals of epic proportions. And whilst ProScooter wasn’t even online yet, we couldn’t help but look back in time as it’s awesome to watch. So sit back and watch the action.

The Finals were held in Barcelona Spain over the 17th and 18th of June.

Freestyle Scooter World Finals

World Scooter Final Results

  1. Dante Hutchinson (90.66)
  2. Jordan Clark (89.66)
  3. Roomet Saalik (88.66)
  4. Dakota Schuetz (87.33)
  5. Leo Spencer (87.00)
  6. Cody Flom (82.66)
  7. Jonmarco Gaydos (82.16)
  8. Richard Zelinka (80.66)
  9. Dylan Sinclair (78.33) – AUS
  10. Hunter Schuetz (76.33)
  11. Bart Oskroba (74.00)
  12. Dylan Morrison (69.33) – AUS

Australian Placings

There were 15 Australians competing in a field of 51 at the worlds. Dylan Sinclair and Dylan Morrison were the only two to make it past the semi finals stage.

Dylan Sinclair 9th
Dylan Morrison 12th
Ben Thomas 14th
Jai Walker 18th
Cooper Elgar 20th
Myles Currie 23rd
Will Scott 24th
Vince Kinna 25th
Tom Green 27th
Jared Colwell 28th
Jesse Bayes 30th
Darcy Cherry-Evans 32nd
Mac Daniels 34th
Dave Dugan 39th
Jiordan Giacoppo 43rd

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