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What’s hot, and what’s not as hot online? What should you be following? We take a look at a few Scooter Brands and see which one is attracting the biggest following on social media. We’ve visited Facebook, Instagram and YouTube accounts and taken the numbers. Then we added some smooth graphics to represent which one shreds hardest in each category. In the end you can see which stunt scooter companies social media are getting all the attention, and which are not. The results may surprise.

Scooter Facebook

We start off with Facebook, probably the best known of all social media platforms

With over 254,000 Facebook likes, MGP is the winner of this round. Coming in second is Lucky Scooters with 238k likes. And in third it’s close, with Crisp just beating out Razor, both with 210,000 likes.

Scooter Instagram

As far as Social Media goes, Instagram is the number one choice amongst Scooter riders and lovers of core scootering action. No more 200k winners like Facebook. To top the Instagram followers charts you need a cool half a million followers.

Coming in a clear first amongst stunt scooter companies on Instagram is Lucky Scooters. Over 519,000 gets them the win this round. At a very respectable 443k followers is Apex Pro Scooters in second place. And in 3rd we have Envy Scooters at 437,000 followers.

What a change a platform makes. Apex Pro was 9th on the Facebook charts and jumped up to second. Envy was 7th and now sits in third. MGP drops from top spot down to 4th. And the biggest falls were with Crisp and Razor, dropping from 3rd and 4th to second last and last respectively.

Scooter YouTube

And on to the king of video sharing sites. Where you can view heaps of stunt scootering action from around the globe.

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