The Best Skate Parks on the Gold Coast, QLD

The Best Skate Parks on the Gold Coast, QLD

The GC has some of the best spots to ride your scooter anywhere in Australia. But not all riders are created equal, and neither are Gold Coast Skate Parks. We’ve visited each and every one, and you’ll find our verdict below.

Best for Scooter Groms

So you’ve got some little ones that are into riding their scooters. You want them to have their fun in a safe environment that’s suitable for beginners. Somewhere without a million late teen and adult skaters and BMX riders tearing up the joint.

Give these Gold Coast skate parks a look if you’ve got scooter groms:


A lot of scooter groms and mini bikes take over this place on weekends. There’s a few twelvie high flyers, but there’s a lot more little ones learning their trade. Lots of flatland is on offer and a few small and easy banks for rolling down.

Small transitions at Mudgeeraba Skate Park

There’s nothing big here and a lot of flatland. Some of the small humps are great for learning to roll over and there’s a few small transitions to get you started. This can be a favourite with street skaters though so pick your times well. As a bonus it has lights so you can ride your scooter in the evening.


Plenty of small roll overs, banks and transitions here for the groms to try out. There’s also a lot of street with manual pads and small ledges.

Best Scooter Skate Park

So Dorothy.. you want to tailwhip three times whilst saying there is no place like home.. and be taken to home base for Scooter Riders on the Gold Coast? Skaters? Nope.. BMX Riders, well sometimes.. But if you want to be amongst Cuzzy Bros that will appreciate your Bri Flip, then look no further..


There are a lot of mad scooter riders at Helensvale. It is the closest thing to a scooter only park you’ll find on the GC. Everyone from Pros to Groms hit this place up outside of school hours.

Want to get a little crazy?

Respect amongst top riders has to be earned.. and what better way to earn it than showing major steeze on the BIG stuff. If you need a place to get those Insta followers jumping, then posting clips at these bad boys will get the eyeballs popping.

Elanora Skate Park Full Pipe from corner

It’s big, fast and smooth. There’s nowhere to hide at Elanora, so be sure you know what you’re doing before you hit it up. Don’t forget your pads and your lid, coming off here is highly over rated. Oh and there’s never anyone here, it’s empty 90% of the time.

Best Gold Coast Skate Parks

These scooter spots are the best all round the Gold Coast has to offer. They are extremely popular and scooters aren’t always welcomed with open arms. But if you show respect for others, they will more than likely show you respect right back.

Pizzey Skate Park

Pizzey is a Gold Coast icon and has played host to some big scooter events. There’s a lot to ride here but it’s always crowded day and night. If you get a chance though be sure to have a roll.


With the old park expanded, this is one of the largest skate parks on the Gold Coast. Heaps of ramps, plenty of banks, different angles, different heights. What ever your style you’ll find something worth riding.

Honourable Mentions

Not for everyone, these popular skate parks bring something different to the mix.

Nerang Bowl

Nerang is a large skate park with lights so you can ride here day and night. The transitions are on the larger side though so you’ll need experience to ride in the bowls. There’s plenty of street around as well to try out your skills.

Runaway Bay Skatepark spine between bowls

The transitions here are on the bigger side and it attracts a lot of BMX riders and skaters. There’s a prefab section you can ride if things in the main bowl are looking on the extreme side.

There’s a lot more around the GC, so if you’re looking for something else, try the Gold Coast Skate Parks section.

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