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Envy Scooters has been around since 2011 in Australia and is one of the most popular brands on the market. The Envy Prodigy Series of scooters are the best selling complete scooters worldwide which says a lot about the gear the produce.

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Envy KOS V6 Complete Scooter Angle

Envy KOS S6 Soul Complete Scooter

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Envy Declare V2 Fork IHC Angle Jade

Envy Declare V2 Fork IHC

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Envy Tri Bearing 120mm Wheel Chrome

Envy Tri Bearing 120mm Wheels

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Envy Series ONE S3 Green Orange

Envy Series One S3 Complete Scooter

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Envy Prodigy S8 Complete Scooter 2021 Swirl

Envy Prodigy S8 Complete Scooter 2021

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Envy Hollowcore Wheels Oil Slick 110mm

Envy Hollowcore Wheels 110mm | Pair

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Envy AOSV5 Didine Terchague Scooter Deck

Envy Signature Didine Terchague AOSV5 Deck

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Envy Prodigy S8 Jade Complete Scooter

Envy Prodigy S8 Complete Scooter

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The brand is known for producing high quality parts at affordable prices. It is this mantra that has seen them move into the top echelon of popular scooter brands around the globe. They originally started out producing speciality aftermarket parts. Todays lines cover the entire range from completes to parts, accessories, apparel and merchandise.

Envy 2020 Team

Team Riders for Envy/Blunt come from various countries around the world. From Australia there's Will Scott and Myles Currie. Jon Reyes and Raymond Warner from the USA. Charles Padel, Johnathon Perroni and Flavio Pesenti from France and Ivan Jimenez from Spain. If you want to see these riders throwing down bangers, head to Social Media and check them out.

Did you know?

Envy Scooters originally went under the name Blunt Scooters which was established in 2009. Due to naming issues in Australia the line was rebranded to Envy. Blunt Scooters still exists today and is used throughout the UK and European countries. Both brands carry the same lines with different badges.

Social Media

Join over half a million followers keeping up to date on gear and team riders online. Instagram | Facebook | YouTube

Envy Warranty Information

Envy provide a warranty against all manufacturer faults. Everything else, no. Different lines have different periods of coverage. Completes have 12 months, decks 6 months. Chromoly bars, forks, wheels and clamps are 90 days. Aluminium and titanium bars are covered by a 30 day manufacturers warranty. For complete details of what is covered and what is not under a warrant please head to their website. In the first instance you should contact the retailer from where you purchased the product, and the Envy directly. You must provide proof of purchase.
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