The Gap Bowl

25 Glen Affric St, The Gap QLD 4061, Australia

At the Walton Bridge Reserve off Glen Affric St is the The Gap Bowl.  Another inner north western park thats easiest to get to by car, or alternatively on the Bus.

The Gap Bowl Features

There are two main bowls to ride.  Both of them are quite deep about six deep and the concrete rides smooth and fast.  Might want to throw on the pads and helmet for this one.  It’s great for getting speed up for high airs, as the upper bowl section adjoins a lower one with a roll in that you ride up and over to seriously accelerate.  In between it forms a small platform only about one foot, so there’s potential to transtion over.  Both bowls are decent length with the upper side in a kidney shape and the other is pill shaped.  Solid metal coping lines the whole perimeter.  On top there’s not much, a long shallow bank on the fence side and a ledge beside it.

Category : Brisbane
Type : Public Skate Park
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