Runaway Bay Skate Park

379 Oxley Dr, Runaway Bay QLD 4216, Australia

Runaway Bay Skate Park is made up of 2 sections. There’s prefab metal ramps on a concrete slab to one side. Then there’s the large twin bowl. It has lights so you can ride your scooter here day and night.

Runaway Bay Skate Park Elements

The prefab section is laid out on a concrete rectangle, with a large bank on one side and a small quarter pipe on the other. These are both metal and the quarter has metal coping. In the middle there a few launch pads split by a full length rail. One side has a straight table top, the other smaller and rounded launch ramps. This section is at the back of the park and separated from the bowl.

There are twin bowls at Runaway Bay and with a spine between. The spine starts wider and narrows to a thin spine before widening to a volcano top. The transitions on the bowls sit around 6ft and are mellow for this height. The shape weaves around on one side creating hips and there’s a volcano between the two. There’s metal coping all round and a ledge set back about a foot on one side. Where the bowls join you’ll find a large bank on one side with the coping tapering down the side. The other side has a few hubbas either side of a bank. The platforms are wide around the entire bowl.

What’s Around

There’s lights, seats, amenities and a car park here. There’s also a large shelter and trees for shade. The area is in the north eastern corner of the gold coast before the Coomera River. Shops are next door and across the road, and buses stop close by.

If the skate park is a little busy for your liking, the Runaway Bay Bowl is just a short roll down the road.

Runaway Bay Skate Park Competitions & Events

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Category : Gold Coast
Type : Public Skate Park
Condition : Lights
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