Pizzey Skatepark Sonia St, Miami QLD 4220, Australia

One of the best known skate parks on the Gold Coast. The iconic Pizzey Skatepark has been around for over 30 years and has played host to some great scooter comps. It has a mix of old school and new, with transitions of all shapes and sizes. The skate park has lights and is busy till around 10pm at night.

Pizzey Skatepark Elements

Not for the faint hearted, the old school pool bowl down by the water is a gnarly beast. It’s rough as guts, but if you can shred this you’ll earn serious cred. It has a couple of roll ins with tiles and pool coping all round.

The newer sections of the park are the most popular amongst scooter riders, especially the large U bowl. It’s transitions range from 3ft to 5ft and it’s combines with large banks, hips and wide roll ins. The wide middle spine creates a half pyramid at it’s base with hips that generate big air. It has metal coping all round. The small spine at the entry is a popular choice for nailing tricks.

There’s also a new large bowl and a half cup bowl. The large bowl sits around 10ft and has a few hips as well as internal stairs. This is a metal coping bowl and suits more experienced riders. The half cup bowl sits at around 3ft on one side and 7ft on the other. It’s great for gathering speeds and nailing down lip tricks.

There’s also a mix of street elements around Pizzey With rails, fun boxes, stairs and grind boxes.

What’s Around

There’s plenty of seats and shade around pizzey. Amenities are a short roll away down the footpath, and there’s car parks all round. It’s down the back of Pizzey Park so there’s a short ride back to the road and shops and buses close by.

How To Ride Pizzey Skatepark

Want to see how the Scooter Pro’s ride Pizzey? Check out the comp video from the 2017 Pro Scooter Series held at Pizzey Park.

Category : Gold Coast
Type : Public Skate Park
Condition : Lights
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