Peter Scott Skate Park Moorooka

90 Muriel Ave, Moorooka QLD 4107, Australia

Peter Scott Skate Park Moorooka isn’t a large park and not really the pick of the inner South Brisbane area.  Still a bit of fun to be had.  At the back edge a quarter with banks leads a two level series of smal ledges.  In the centre flat there’s  fairly shallow pyramid about 3 foot with a kinked and flat rail to grind.  The rail is positioned so you can approach it coming back from the quarter.  Thats the main attraction at this spot.  There is a curved bank on the street side but its pretty tame but still fun to get back around to the main quarter.  Not a great deal of obstacles like you see in the bigger parks but worth a look.  There’s no lights or seats at this park.

Category : Brisbane
Type : Public Skate Park
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