Ormeau Skate Park Pascoe Rd, Ormeau QLD 4208, Australia

Ormeau Skate Park is a new style park with lots of smooth concrete, street elements and smaller style transitions. It has lights on till 10pm so it’s a good place for a roll after hours. This place is popular with both scooters and skateboards and can get pretty busy.

Ormeau Skate Park Elements

This place has a lot of elements. Heaps of transitions, banks, angles, different heights and hips. There’s a lot of lines through here but it can take a bit to learn the layout. It’s good to watch the locals shred for a bit before laying down a run. At the back of the park is a bowl area with a flat top volcano slapped in the centre. It’s a unique shape and has a few roll ins to get you cranking. There’s raised roll overs throughout as well as different curves and transition heights.

The street section has a lot of combo boxes. They start of at manual pad height and work up a few tiers. There’s plenty of banks around and small quarter pipes. You also find rails, hubbas and assorted ledges. There’s a quarter pipe with hip over one side. This is pretty tight and extends up past the natural curve. The park has quite a few other elements around that you can shred.

What’s at Ormeau?

Whilst this park is known as Ormeau, it’s a lot closer to the south Yatala exits of the highway. The park is easy to spot from the road and is right next to the roundabout. It has its own car park and is next door to a shopping centre and fast food places. The lights are on at night till 9:50, when half turn off, then it’s completely dark at 10pm. There are surveillance cameras monitoring the skatepark. There’s plenty of seats and shelter to park on and watch the action.


Category : Gold Coast
Type : Public Skate Park
Condition : Lights
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