Mudgeeraba Skate Park Somerset Dr, Mudgeeraba QLD 4213, Australia

Not far off the highway, Mudgeeraba Skate Park offers up a range of small elements. With nothing over 3ft, you’ll find plenty of the younger crowd here outside of school hours.

Mudgeeraba Skate Park Elements

Mudgeeraba is a medium size skatepark with plenty of street elements and small transitions. This concrete here is smooth and fast. At one end there’s a couple of quarters with different transitions and a flat bank. The quarter pipes have metal coping. On the flat there’s a couple of grind boxes of different heights. To the side is a pyramid with hips that can be approached from both sides at speed.

In the middle of the park there’s a few banks and transitions creating hips. A shelter has some wide stairs heading down from it and a micro transition base. On the opposite sided there’s a circular manual pad with mini wall ride. The flat has a flat and a curved rail.

There’s a micro bowl with metal coping at the back which leads around to a keyhole opening. The opposite side of the bowl extends into a rollover with rounded volcano. There’s a double bank to cutout wall ride on the side. The banks also have flat metal coping. There’s a few larger banks with hips in the corner. There’s also a small rounded rainbow quarter with flat metal coping opposite.

What’s Around

Mudgeeraba Skate Park has lights and it’s own car park, so you can skate here day and night. There’s plenty of shade from the trees and the shelter. A few seats including a picnic table site beside the park. It’s a bit of a ride to the closest shops, but buses do stop nearby. It’s at the back corner of a larger park so there’s plenty of open space around.

Category : Gold Coast
Type : Public Skate Park
Condition : Lights
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