Melrose Park

30 Roseleigh St, Wooloowin QLD 4030, Australia

Melrose Park is closest to the suburb of Wooloowin on the inner north of Brisbane.  Its just a short jump over from Eagle Junction train station, about 600 metres down Junction road and you’re there.  Also at the parkland are a large field, cricket nets, a basketball half court and the usual swings etc.  It is a kids park more or less, but with a mini skate park built in.

Melrose Park Features

As mentioned it’s a fairly small park based around the main features of a centre pyramid with a four foot quarter at the end.  Each side of the quarter tapers off with banks.  Alongside the pyramid and also at the back end are grind boxes, and also a mini fun box that just incorporates a grind box onto the top, which is good to plant off or grind.  There is a very thick rail down the back and another smaller and lower rail that is bent down in the middle.  Looks like someone squashed it really.  There’s enough here to keep you interested for a while, and probably a good option for beginners.


Category : Brisbane
Type : Public Skate Park
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