Elanora Skate Park Pines Ln, Elanora QLD 4221, Australia

Definitely not your average bowl. Elanora Skate Park is iconic having the first ever full pipe in Australia. Having lights, you can ride here day and night. This is a large bowl and suits experienced riders. Being as deep as it is, it’s never crowded unless there’s an event on.

Elanora Skate Park Elements

Elanora is one big concrete bowl that snakes around. It starts around 7ft in the shallow. It then turns around a large volcano. This leads to a full pipe and this thing is huge. Through the pipe you end up in the deep end of the bowl at around 10ft. It’s wide, it’s big and you can get massive air on this beast. There’s an extension on one side and the flat drops down towards the pipe. On the shallow side of the pipe there’s tiles and metal coping. The deeper end has metal coping but no tiles. The platforms all round are concrete and wide with plenty of room to fly-out.

What’s Around

The Elanora Skate Park is tucked away down a dead end road and the back of a park. Whilst you can see it from the highway, there’s not much else around. The nearest shops are a 5 minute ride away on your scooter. There’s the tiniest of shelters at the front for shade and the copper log barriers are makeshift seats.

Category : Gold Coast
Type : Public Skate Park
Condition : Lights
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