Kuraby Skatepark

Kuraby Skatepark underwent a major refurbishment by Trinity Skateparks in late 2020. The textured coating was removed, cracks repaired, new paint job and the coping was fixed. We’ll update it further next time we visit the park. Can’t wait to ride the new look Kuraby.

Tucked away behind the train station, Kuraby Skatepark is of the older style that’s a bit rough but with some good sections. It is popular and can get crowded at times.

Kuraby Skatepark Elements

When you enter Kuraby you’re met with a couple of back to back roll overs. Then a couple of offset wedge ramps, one having a full length rail. In the middle of the flatland there’s a combo box with a launch pad backed onto by a quarter pipe with platform.

The far end of the park there’s a large wide bank. The wall then transitions into an open 5 foot keyhole bowl with metal coping. A long wall of different height banks and quarter pipes with metal coping runs down the middle of the park. There’s angles, curves and a few hips along the length.

In the upper section of Kuraby Skatepark there’s a street style setup. Flat leading to banks for speed and a series of launch pad style fun boxes with flat rails, tabletops and rolling launches. The other side has a small bank setup.

What’s Around

You’ll find the skate park in behind Kuraby Train Station. There’s plenty of parking available also and the bus stops nearby. It’s accessibility to the train station is what adds to this place being a popular destination. There’s a few shops on the other side of the train station.


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