How are Pro Scooter Competitions Judged?

Ever wanted to enter a Scooter Competition but not sure what to expect? Here at ProScooter we break it down for you. In this part we’ll look at scooter competition judging and what you can do to max out your scores.

On a basic level, the rider with the highest score wins. This may be over a few runs or part of a jam session. Judges award these scores based on a range of criteria.

In general, the judges with be looking at:

Style & Flow

This can mean a lot of things to a lot of different judges. But we all know a stylish rider when we see one. They maintain speed, nice flow throughout the course. They land difficult tricks but make them look effortless. Speed and height can help with this as you have more time to complete your trick and line up a smooth landing. They also want to see original runs and lines and maybe something that entertains. If in doubt, just think bigger, better and smoother.


This goes without saying, but it’s very important. Riders that perform more difficult tricks over a run will have great appeal to judges.  Hard lines, technical tricks, big airs and gaps all add to the overall element of difficulty. Get a bunch of good combos going and you’re well on your way.


Whilst difficult tricks are awesome, doing the same trick again and again is not. Even doing similar tricks with slight variations repeatedly is not. Variations in general are OK, but at least try not to go back to back with them. You need to mix it up as best you can.

Bring in a variety of tricks and show all your skills. Throw in a grind or a manual in amongst your bangers and show that you’re not a one trick pony. At the very least avoid doing the same trick twice, nobody wants to see that.

If you’re doing more than one run, make them different.

Consistency / No Stacks

Right off the bat it has to be said..

Landing with one foot on the ground is a stack. It’s not completing a trick and almost doesn’t count.

You will be penalised if you put a foot down. Not only that you’ll lose flow points, especially if you put your foot on the ground a lot. You have almost zero chance of a top score if you put your feet down more than once during a run.

Essentially you want to be landing a lot of tricks without coming off, so the smoother the run the better.

Further Reference


Finding events to compete in is easy with the Scooter Competition and Events Calendar.

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Scooters and Roads, What’s the go?

Can you ride your freestyle scooter on the road? What about the footpath? We take a spinaround the country to see what’s the go.

These laws and rules apply only to push scooters and not the motorised kind.


You can ride your scooter on certain roads during daylight, but not many. To push on down roads in QLD the speed limit has to be 50km/h or under, and it can not have a median strip or centre line. Basically you’re restricted to small local streets without line markings and low speeds. You also can’t ride on any road at night, and as common sense would expect you can not get in the way of any other road user. You must also stick to the left.

When it comes to footpaths they are ok, but you must give way to everyone including those on foot and bikes. You must also stick to the left.

More Information


Similar to QLD, scooters can only be used on roads during daytime with low speed limits and no middle line or median strip. You can ride them on footpaths unless otherwise signed. On footpaths you must stick to the left and giveway to other pedestrians.

More Information


Victoria makes it a lot harder to understand their rules, but the basic jist is similar to other states. No riding on roads where the speed limit is over 50km/h and no riding on roads with marked lines or median strips.

There are a few differences though. You must wear as Australian Standards approved helmet. You must have a brake that works. You also need a bell or a horn. And interestingly you can ride at night, however you need flashing lights front and back as well as a reflector.

More Information

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Memberships, Submissions and Reviews Now Open

Time to let all Scooter Riders have their input and say on the Australian Scene. We’ve opened up memberships (it’s free) and reviews for our visitors. You can also add skate parks, brands, shops and more to ProScooter.

If you’re a rider, add your own profile, add your sponsors, and get the word out. If you own a scooter shop let riders know where you’re at and what you offer. It’s all free and all open to the public 24/7.

Becoming a member is easy, so is adding a new profile. Click add new for profile, or click register for membership.

If you have any issues be sure to contact us.

We look forward to your input. Ride hard.

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