Root Industries

Root Industries is an Australian brand with the motto “The Pursuit of Perfection”. Their gear has been designed, developed and tested by some of the top Pro riders in Australia.

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Root Industries Type R Mini Complete Rocket Fuel
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Root Industries Air Deck Large Blu-Ray
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Root Industries AIR Fork IHC Blu-Ray
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Root Industries Honeycore Wheel 110m Rocketfuel
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Root Industries Type-R Complete Scooter - Matte Black
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Root Industries sets out to provide riders with a competitive advantage. Their line-up covers everything from completes through parts and there's a wide range available. Components include Bars, Grips, Wheels, Clamps, Grip Tape, Headsets, Forks, Hardware and there's of course Completes and Apparel. One of the better known lines includes the AIR range. It covers wheels, decks, forks, clamps and headsets. Many of the components use the same colourways so you can get some flow through your custom style. Another popular line are the honeycore wheels. These are a hollow core wheels with beehive style cut-outs to reduce weight. The quality of gear has led to a wide following with products selling throughout the world. They are ridden by everyone from beginners to Pros, so whatever your style or experience, Root Industries has something to suit.

Root Industry Team Riders

With a head office in Burleigh Heads (Gold Coast), you'd expect a focus on Oz riders in the team. And they don't disappoint, with three Aussies being team riders late in 2020. They are Matty Ceravolo, Shaun Williams and Jeremy Fiedler. From overseas they have Jamie Addison from the UK and Clayton Lindley from the USA. Clayton, Matty, Jamie and Shaun all have Signature Decks and Signature Wheels released by Root. These all have their own custom flair and style.

Follow Root Industries on Social Media

Whilst you can check them out on YouTube and Facebook, Instagram is where it's at. YouTube | Facebook | Instagram

Compare and Save on Root Industries Scooters and Parts

If you're looking to buy a new Root Industries Scooter, or maybe some parts to put that custom ride together, ProScooter is here to help. As one of the popular brands, you'll find there are stockists right throughout the country. Each one of them offering their own prices and deals on each part and complete. We help you check those deals with our scooter price comparison engine. Check out the gear, check out the prices, and make an informed choice. Not only can you compare prices, but we also share the tools you need to compare the gear. Can't decide between the Type-R and Invictus? Tossing up between AIR or Honeycore wheels? Add them to compare and see them side by side. Specs, prices and colourways are just a few you can see alongside each other. You aren't limited to two either, add in 3 or more. The choices are yours.

Root Industries Warranty Information

All warranties must be claimed through the original store of purchase with the original receipt. You'll need to get in touch with them within 30 days for chunking, or 90 days for dehubbing or core breakage as that's when warranty period ends. Specific details for each component can be found through the website under warranty information.
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