Oath Components

Oath Components manufacture a range of aftermarket parts for freestyle scooters including wheels, forks, clamps and grips. With rider input and expert collaboration these are some of the most progressive parts available. Triple anodised parts and wicked colour schemes make these some of the most sought after components on the market.

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Blue Purple Oath Bermuda Scooter Grips
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Oath Bermuda Scooter Wheels 110mm Green Pink Black
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Oath Shadow SCS Blue Purple Titanium
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Rider focused scooter components. You may find products in the Oath range listed under the brand Triad or Triad Oath. The colourways from Oath flow from one component to the next. You can get a clamp that matches up with your scooter wheels, forks and even grips. Or mix and match if you're into something a little different, but the choice is yours.

Oath Components Team

The team consists of mainly Australian riders alongside a few internationals. Locals include Brendon Smith, Billy Watts, Angus Hughes and Spencer Chermside.

Social Media

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Did you know?

Oath Components range in boxes All packaging that Oath Components gear comes in is 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly. It also happens to give you all the info you need about the product within as well.

Oath Components Warranty Information

Clamps, Forks and Wheels come with a 90 day manufacturer warranty. The warranty is specific to each part and covers selected items. It does not cover normal wear and tear or malfunctions that result from abuse, neglect, improper assembly and more. To read all the conditions relating to warranties please visit the website. Claims are to be made through the online form and replacements are done on a like for like basis.

Compare on Save on Oath Components Scooter Parts

When you're in the hunt for some new parts for your custom ride, it's hard to go past the style and functionality of Oath. So when you're set to place that order, make sure you're grabbing the best offer you can. There's plenty of stockists across the country from your local to Australia-wide stores. Not all offer the same deals so be sure to compare.
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