Fuzion Scooters is a US based brand out of Oakland California. Their range includes completes through to aftermarket parts and signature lines.

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Fuzion Scooters Team

Jeremy Merrin and Jack Churchward are the two Australians on the Fuzion Pro Team. They join internationals Leo Spencer, Tyler Chaffin, Isiah Samms, Bobby Rivas, Alexandra Madsen, Hunter Frost, Hugo Falconnat and Dan Lornie. Leo is probably the best known name on the team with his 180K plus Instagram followers. He also has his own signature line which includes a deck and wheels.

Social Media

Keep up to date with the latest products releases and watch team riders throwing down bangers around the world. Instagram | YouTube

Fuzion Pro Scooters Warranty

Completes are covered under warranty due to hardware failure due to manufacturer errors. The warranty period is different for different components on the completes. 6 months for deck, 90 days for wheels and bars. The same periods apply to aftermarket parts. There are a lot of conditions and the warranty covers a series of things but not others. Check the Fuzion website for complete details and for the latest information.

Compare and Save on Fuzion Scooters & Parts

When you're chasing a new ride or some custom parts, you'll want to get the best deal you can. Saving a few bucks here and there can mean some extra gear without the added cost. Pro Scooter is here to help you with our price comparison engine. You can see offers from Australian scooter shops and decide which one is best for you. Don't forget there's a coupons page as well for those extra savings. You may want to compare more than price though. It may help to compare the specs of the gear you're looking at side by side with others in the range. Check weights, materials, colourways and more. Get the gear with the specs that work for you.
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