Aztek Scooters was established in 2013 and is rider owned. Their goal is to stay ahead of current technology and provide cutting edge parts at affordable prices. They are always looking to reduce weight whilst adding to the strength and feel of the lines they offer.

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Aztek Erming Scooter Wheels Aqua 110mm
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Aztec Grips Aqua

Aztek Scooter Grips

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Staying true to scooter riding's core values. The Aztek range covers the full scope of freestyle scooter parts and there's a few completes thrown in for good measure. Each one is on the cutting edge of riding technology with some decks weighting only 1kg and forks at 163g. This is some of the lightest gear you'll find anywhere from any brand. If you like your rides to be as lightweight as possible, this is a line-up you seriously need to consider.

Social Media

As a relatively new company the social numbers are on their way up. Instagram leads the list with over 120K followers. You can check out all their latest lines as well as clips of pros riding. They have some of the most killer vids in their YouTube channel that you're likely to see anywhere. The skills and editing are sick. Instagram | Facebook | YouTube

Compare and Save on Aztek Scooter gear

If you're in the hunt for some high quality gear for your ride, Aztek is worth considering. They have some extremely lightweight products that are also durable and strong. Check the gear out side by side with other lines to see how they stack up, and compare prices between Australian shops. A small saving on each component for your custom ride adds up to big savings by the time it's complete. Same with the weight, save a bit here and there and you'll end up with a much lighter scooter in the end. We are adding more components into the mix all the time so stay tuned and keep turning up, you never know what you'll find next.
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