Balmoral Skatepark

Balmoral Skatepark is the latest Convic designed park opened up in the Brisbane area. It’s actually on the border of Balmoral and the neighbouring suburb Morningside. Closest street access is where the Bowls Club is also located (with a handy car park) off Thynne Road. There are public transport options, Buses stop along Thynne Road however the closest train station at Morningside is a good 1.5 kms away.

Balmoral Skatepark Features

It’s the typical fast and smooth surface concrete that Convic use, with a main bowl and accompanying street section. This park isn’t particularly large though. Although bowl is a decent size with two different height section of about 3 and 5 feet. It’s all fresh and new, nice metal coping and a fast surface that’s handy for getting high airs.

The street area next to it feels a bit small and cramped. It’s a good setup starting at the back with a continuous quarter that joins the bank and ledge on the side. The other side is open. The launch ramp in the middle is fun. It’s a flat transition jutting out from the ground that you can approach by starting out on the nice sized quarter with a steeper than usual transition for speed. It just gets crowded on there with a few or more riders. That was definitely the case on a Sunday but it is new and popular at the moment.

There’s also a basketball half court built next to the skate park, unfortunately no toilet block and no lights at this stage. Maybe the Bowls Club would be nice and let you use their facilities 🙂


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