Extending your local Skate Park for Flyouts

Looking over Carole Park Skatepark

It would be great if all skate parks were scooter friendly. And I’m not talking about people, that’s a story for another day. I’m talking about the elements that make a good skate park for a scooter rider.

“Many skate parks have small decks”

Many skate parks have small decks, some have no deck at all. Which if you’re into flyouts isn’t ideal. Normally you ride what’s in front of you, petition to council, or go elsewhere.

But the ingenious riders at Carole Park Skate Park in Queensland decided not to settle for that. Rather than accept the small deck and lack of landing space, they simply added to it themselves. And not in the old DIY Skater way which is to turn up with concrete and risk the ire of local council.

Looking over Carole Park Skate Park

They made their very own landing runoff with rubber matting. A simple strip of rubber laid down on the grassy hill behind the small quarter. Yeah it seems like such a simple idea, but some of the best ideas are that simple.

Skate Park Extension Options

After seeing this we took a look around for something similar. Ideally you or someone you know has something lying around ideal for the purpose. If not you may need to spend a few dollars.

Specialist rubber stores will often charge you an arm and a leg but it is an option.

Hardware stores sell rolls of rubber matting, it’s usually 1m wide and can be bought by the metre. These are usually thin though, around 3mm, so not ideal. Gym flooring comes in 1m x 1m squares, so you’d need a few to stay together somehow. On the positive side they are normally 10mm thick.

Taking a look around on classifieds sites will bring up lots of options. Horse stable matting looks ideal as it’s wide and thick, but it’s also expensive. Ute mats are also an option.

If you’re planning on having a portable option for extending any skate park some rubber matting is ideal. If you have a go at the rubber DIY option, let us know. Send us your photos and tell us what you used to extend your local.

Keep on Riding.

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