Albany Creek Skatepark

Albany Creek Skatepark is easily be one of the better places to ride in the more northern region of west Brisbane. It seems the bus is the best option to get there if using public transport. There’s plenty of bus stops along Old Northern road nearby. Unfortunately this area is a long way off the trains. It’s still a several km ride from Ferny Grove station or Carseldine station. 

Albany Creek Skatepark Best Features

There are two main bowls joined together that are about 5 foot high. The spine that’s formed between the two bowls actually does not have coping. It is actually a curved concrete lip about 10-15 cms across. Still is good for stalls or airs transitioning from one bowl to the other. Looks like the bowls have been upgraded with smooth concrete at some stage, the flat is rougher but won’t bother you too much. There’s a concrete bank that’s not really much help when approaching the fun box at the centre of the park. The sloped rail faces you when coming in that direction. The best bet is to exit from one of the bowls at speed and hit the rail from the right direction. The rail is at least two metres long.

There’s some seats and good tree coverage for shade in summer. There’s a shopping complex nearby which is handy as there’s no public toilets at the park. There is a large floodlight overhead that looks like it would do a good job lighting up for a night session.


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